The Team


Our interdisciplinary and international team consists of the main Lubartworld team, the “magic input team“who transformed the 1932 Lubartów Register into a database, and an international scientific board.

The Lubartworld Team


Claire Zalc

Principal Investigator, CNRS, EHESS

Claire is the Principal Investigator of the ERC Lubartworld project. She is a research director at the CNRS and a professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). She has written on a broad range topics including immigration, the history of persecutions, Jews, business, and credit.

Virginie Durand

Project Administrator, CNRS

Virginie is a ingénieure d’études at the CNRS. Within the Lubartworld team, she is in charge of administrative and financial matters and contributes to communication and publishing activities. As an editorial secretary, she takes part in collective works and in the review La Révolution française within the Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine.


Thomas Chopard

Post-doctoral researcher, CNRS

Thomas is an historian whose research focuses on anti-Jewish violence and Jewish migrations from Central and Eastern Europe during the 20th century.


Anton Perdoncin

Research Fellow, CNRS

Anton is a sociologist and social historian specializing in sociology, the history of migrations and labor, and quantitative methods in the social sciences.

Adèle Sutre

Post-doctoral researcher, EHESS

Adèle is a geographer and a historian. In 2017, she defended her PhD at the EHESS (Paris, France) on “Romani mobilities around the world between the 1880s and the 1950s”. Her research focuses on movement and how it influences the way people perceive the world and develop a sense of place.

Franciszek Zakrzewski

Phd Student, EHESS

Franciszek is a PhD Student in history. His research focuses on the relationships between Jews and non-Jews in Lubartów. His PhD project is entitled “Living Together and Apart in Lubartów: a Microhistory of a Small Town in Poland, 1921-1945”.

Tymoteusz Skowronski

Research assistant, CNRS


Tymek is completing his Master’s degree in History at the EHESS (Paris, France), while studying Hebrew remotely at the University of Warsaw. He completed his BA in Humanities in 2019, at Paris Sciences et Lettres (CPES Multidisciplinary Undergraduate degree). He already worked for Lubartworld as a member of the data-input team in 2019. His current focus, as a member of the team, is on input sources and translating between Polish, Russian and French.

Gabrielle Escaich

Phd Student, EHESS-ENS

Gabrielle is a doctoral candidate in sociology. She is working on the social mobility trajectories of children of Lubartowians who emigrated from Poland. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Institute of French Studies at New York University.

The ”magic input team”


Karolina Grzegorczyk, Master student, Warsaw University

Anna Hanotte-Zawislak, PhD in General and Comparative Literature, Sorbonne Université

Emilia Majczak-Faroult

Tymek Skowronski, Master student, EHESS

The “magic input team” worked on the 1932 Registre of Lubartòw population.

International Scientific Board


Tal Bruttmann, historian
Manuel Charpy, Junior research fellow CNRS & INHA, InVisu
Jan Grabowski, Professor, University of Ottawa
Catherine Gousseff, Senior research fellow, CNRS
François Héran, Professor, Collège de France
Audrey Kichelewski, Associate professor, University of Strasbourg
Kamil Kijek, Assistant professor, Taube Department of Jewish Studies, University of Wroclaw
Rebecca Kobrin, Russell and Bettina Knapp Associate Professor of American Jewish History, department of History, Columbia University
Morgane Labbé, Associate professor, EHESS, Centre de recherches historiques
Claire Lemercier, Senior research fellow, CNRS, Centre de sociologie des organisations
Nicolas Mariot, Senior research fellow, CNRS, Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique
Pierre Mercklé, Professor, Grenoble-Alpes University
Hillel Rapoport, Professor, Paris School of Economics
Yann Scioldo-Zürcher, Junior research fellow CNRS, Centre de recherches historiques
Agnieszka Wierzcholska, postdoctoral researcher, Freie Universität Berlin
Annette Wieviorka, Senior research fellow emeritus, CNRS