Recounting stories


This page is a collection of stories of Lubartovians’ journeys, both ordinary and extraordinary. By recounting their singular stories, we want to show how the trajectories of an individual or a family can be reconstructed, from which documents, and the kind of questions that are raised. We also initiate a practical reflection on the articulation between the singular and collective dimensions of the itineraries. The cases listed are non-exhaustive, their choice arbitrary and evolving as it relies in part on the collection of archives and testimonies carried out during the investigation, and therefore on you! Please, feel free to contact us, if you wish to tell your story or that of your family.


Four members of the Cyngel family, memory book © all rights reserved

The Cyngel Family

par Thomas Chopard

Pesa and Froim Cyngel raised five children in Lubartów. How do you trace the lives of the various members of the Cyngel family from the Lubartów of the interwar period, through the ghetto and the Soviet Union, to the emigration of the survivors to America?