The Lubartów Memorial Book

La Destruction de Lubartów, traduction de Carole Macré, © Macré-Les Amis de Lubartów

The reconstruction of the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe after the Second World War was achieved in part through memory and commemoration. Identifying and honoring the names of the disappeared helps to define the boundaries of the group of those who survived. In this context, the Lubartów Memorial Book (Yizkor Book) played a crucial role. It is one of the first attempts to document local Jewish life before the Shoah and the implementation of the persecutions in its various aspects (France, Poland…). Published in 1947 in Paris by the Society of Friends of Lubartów, in Yiddish under the title Hurbn Levertov, this memorial book has circulated throughout the world, from France to Poland, the United States, Argentina and Israel. It is a common point of reference for families from the city.

Carole Macré has translated this text into French and has kindly allowed us to publish it here, with the permission of the Society of the Friends of Lubartów: read the translation.

The original Yiddish text has been digitized by the New York Public Library: read the original version.

cover original 1947 edition Hubrn Levertov
Original cover of Hurbn Levertov, 1947 © All rights reserved.