Franciszek Zakrzewski

Franciszek Zakrzewski is a historian and museum professional. He graduated in history at the History Department of the Warsaw University with a master thesis about Polish socialists group in mid-19th century. Since graduation, his research focuses on Jewish history and museology. He is a member of the editorial team for publishing the collection of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto – Ringelblum Archive. He was a member of the Polin Museum curatorial team and collaborated with different museums in Poland, Germany and Canada.


2018 – 2019, Head of the script team for the Nowa Huta Museum’s Core Exhibition, Warsaw-Cracow. 

2017 – 2018, Postgraduate student, « Exhibiting Contemporary History » programme, Europäisches Kolleg Jena.

2017 Reasercher for the « Jews in Europe in the post-war years » exhibition,  Jewish Museum Frankfurt.

2016, Reasercher for the 150 British Columbia anniversary exhibition, Royal BC Museum in Victoria.

2015 –2016, Consultant and researcher for the Roberta Grossman’s documentary about the Oneg Shabbat, „Who will write our story”, Katahdin Production, Los Angeles. 

2014 – 2019, Educational department colaborator, Polin Museum, Warsaw.

2010 – 2014, Curator of the Postwar Years Gallery of the POLIN Museum Core Exhibiton, Warsaw.

2004 – 2011, Student, University of Warsaw.


2019 « Heading Nowa Huta – assumptions of the script of the Nowa Huta Core Exhibition », Światowid.

2016 The Press of the Warsaw Ghetto: news from radio monitoring, 22nd Volume of the Ringelblum Archive Edition, Jewish Historical Institute – Warsaw University.