Lubartworld release in “Genèses”

Tymoteusz Skowroński, Franciszek Zakrzewski, Anna Hanotte-Zawislak, Karolina Grzegorczyk, Emilia Majczak-Faroult, « Retour d’expériencesur la saisie collective d’une source administrative : la registre de population de Lubartów, Pologne, 1932« , Genèses. Sciences sociales et histoire, no 125, décembre 2021, p. 112-134

This article looks in detail at the experience of collective data entry of an administrative source and its transformation into a database. It aims to analyze this moment of collective historical research by noting the organizational, methodological and epistemological issues it raises and the knowledge effects it produces. In doing so, it questions the practices of collective historical research by showing the different positions taken with regard to the source, the treatment of irregularities and the potentialities opened up by these readings.