Se (dé)placer. Mobilités sociales et migrations

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Jennifer Bidet, Hugo Bréant, Amélie Grysole, Anton Perdoncin, Liza Terrazzoni, Simeng Wang (dir., Se (dé)placer. Mobilités sociales et migrations, Aix-en-Provence, PUAM, coll. « Sociétés contemporaines », 2023, 164 p.

At a time when the French public debate is saturated with speeches about the insecurity of identity that immigration would bring to our societies, the aim of this book is to look at those who migrate or have migrated, not by examining their degree of cultural integration into the contexts in which they arrive, but by questioning their social positions here and there. The essays in this book take a fresh look at migration from the South to the North, but also from the North to the South: footballers and their families in France and Germany, European migrants in the United Arab Emirates, middle-class Cameroonian families in Europe, Ecuadorians in Spain, aeronautics executives in Germany, or family assistants from the Maghreb working for child welfare in France. By bringing together contributions from sociologists and anthropologists specializing in migration, the book immerses readers in specific cases and singular stories, helping to break down prejudices against people who migrate, whatever their status, whatever their origin, whatever the trajectory that set them on the path to migration.