Roscoff 2023 Worshop

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January 30 – February 3, 2023

Roscoff Conference Center, CNRS-Sorbonne University

Claire Zalc & the Lubartworld team: Adèle Sutre (via Zoom), Anton Perdoncin, Franek Zakrzewski, Gabrielle Escaich (via Zoom), Thomas Chopard, Tymek Skowronski & Virginie Durand + members of the project’s scientific board: Claire Lemercier, Nicolas Mariot + students: Inès Baude, Louise Bur, Pauline Funk, Yacine Chitour

Collective discussion of texts being written, work on data, reflection on cartographic representation within the project… There was no shortage of work sites, together or in small groups, which were intense and fruitful.