Book release Histoire partagée, mémoires divisées

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February 2021



Thomas Chopard, “Symon Petlioura (1876-1926)”, in Korine Amacher, Eric Aunoble, Andrii Portnov (eds.), Histoire partagée, mémoires divisées. Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lausanne, Antipodes, 2021, p. 293-302


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About this book

Removal of statues of Lenin in Ukraine; rehabilitation of the imperial and Stalinist past in Russia; new official “historical policy” in Poland: since the fall of communism in 1989-1991, questions of memory have been at the center of Polish, Ukrainian and Russian news. They fuel the ongoing geopolitical battles over Poland’s or Ukraine’s European anchorage, the annexation of Crimea or the war in the Donbass.
However, Russia, Ukraine and Poland are linked by a common history where conflicts make the cohabitation and human diversity of these territories disappear. By shedding light on spaces, events and figures that have been the subject of divergent, even conflicting historical narratives, this book shows how, from history to memory, antagonistic “national novels” are written.