Lubartworld Workshop June 10&11, 2021

Lubartworld Workshop

June 10&11, 2021




June 10, 2021


Session 1: first results

Thomas Chopard: « Sent to the country’s depths »: Lubartów Jews flight and wartime experience in the Soviet Union

Franciszek Zakrzewski: Between grassroots organizations and social policies – humanitarian aid in the interwar Lubartów

Eva Bitton & Théophile Leroy: Registering the death at Auschwitz: a comparative study of the death certificates issued by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Standesamt, 1942-1943


Session 2: quantitative work in progress

Anton Perdoncin & Gabrielle Escaich: Migration, persecution and ethnic segregation of an urban space: the case of Lubartów Jews

Gabrielle Escaich: Reconstruct links, follow households: a quantitative analysis of the population register

Claire Zalc & Anton Perdoncin: Mind the gaps! What do missing values tell us about a population

June 11, 2021


Session 3: on-going projects

Leïla Belhalfaoui &Tymoteusz Skowronski: The making of images: ID Portraits from Lubartów as a historical source, 1932-1939

Valentine Eliet & Tobias Wagemann: The Pachulski: Following a Jewish Family from the interwar years to the aftermath of the Shoah

Thomas Chopard: Survivors and Refugees: what became of the Lubartowians in postwar Europe


Claire Zalc, Leïla Belhalfaoui, Eva Bitton, Tal Bruttmann, Thomas Chopard, Valentine Eliet, Gabrielle Escaich, Catherine Gousseff, Audrey Kichelewski, Kamil Kijek, Morgane Labbé, Claire Lemercier, Théophile Leroy, Nicolas Mariot, Anton Perdoncin, Yann Scioldo Zurcher, Tymek Skowronski, Tobias Wagemann, Agnieszka Wierzcholska, Annette Wieviorka, Franek Zakrzewski, Virginie Durand