February 2022 actualities

February 25

Adèle Sutre presents the project at the American Historical Association Conference


Adèle Sutre participates (by videoconference) in the 135th annual AHA conference (initially scheduled in New Orleans and finally by videoconference).


February 24

« Dans la contrainte, on peut arriver à quelque chose de vrai »


On February 24, and since in podcast, Claire Zalc evokes Z ou souvenirs d’historienne on France Culture.


February 17

Adèle Sutre in the course of history on France Culture


Adèle Sutre participates on France Culture in the program Le cours de l’histoire : ” Tsiganes, Gitans, Manouches, entre mythes et défiance “.

February 15

International conference: displaying the social history of migrants



Participation of Claire Zalc in this conference on February 15, 2022 within the framework of AMULOP.

February 11

Lubartworld at the IHMC seminar



The Lubartworld team collectively presents the project at the IHMC seminar.

February 9

Lubartworld at the German Historical Institute in Paris


German Historical Institute, Transnational Workshop, presentation by Claire Zalc: “Lubartworld: a global microhistory of the Shoah?”, with comments by Andrea Löw.

February 7

Thomas Chopard at the CERCEC seminar


Thomas Chopard presents “Escaping Poland and Surviving the Holocaust in the Soviet Union” at the CERCEC seminar (Ehess).



Release of  “Scrivere alle autorità”


In this collective in Italian, chapter by Claire Zalc: « Contestare le denaturalizzazioni nella Francia di Vichy. Le grammatiche della francesità alla prova del cambiamento di regime ».