The Lubatworld Project One Year Later

Lbtwd’s Workshop Sept 30_Program

WARNING: Due to sanitary conditions, access is impossible without prior registration (





9h-9h15 Introduction (Claire Zalc)


9h15-9h30                From Register to spreadsheet: around collective data input (Tymek Skowronski)

9h30-10h                   discussion

10h-10h15                The gender of sources: identification, categorization, quantification (Anton Perdoncin)

10h15-10h45             discussion


10h45  Pause


11h-11h15                Fields of Jewish and non-Jewish contacts (Franek Zakrzewski)

11h15-11h45            discussion

11h45-12h                Surviving War and the Holocaust in Soviet Union: Lubartów Jews go Eastward, 1939-1946 (Thomas Chopard)

12h-12h30                discussion


12h30  Pause déjeuner


13h30-13h45             Genealogy databases: a key to the understanding of transnational migratory trajectories (Adèle Sutre)

13h45-14h15            discussion

14h15-14h30            Looking for a visual history of Lubartów (Tal Bruttmann)

14h30-15h                discussion


30 septembre 2020


École normale supérieure

Salle Favard (rez-de-chaussée)

46 rue d’Ulm, Paris 5e