Surviving the Holocaust in Lubartów. Combining Micro-Historic and Quantitative Approaches

Conference Paper – Surviving the Holocaust in Lubartów: Combining Micro-Historic and Quantitative Approaches

November 24th, 2020

San Francisco, CA, USA


Thomas Chopard and Franciszek Zakrzewski present a paper at the ASEEES Annual Conference in San Francisco, in a panel dedicated to microhistories of the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Poland.

This paper focuses on persecution trajectories of Jews from Lubartów in order to identify which decisive individual, familial or collective characteristics favoured or impaired the Jews from Lubartów.

This paper mobilizes every source available and argues 1) that the quantitative approach is the first but decisive step in depicting the determinations of a specific persecuted group and 2) for another reading of testimonies in light of the quantitative study.


About the Conference

The ASEEES Annual Conference takes place in San Francisco, from 23rd-25th November.

More information on the Conference website :

About the Panel “Microhistories of the Holocaust in Nazi-Occupied Poland”

Chair : Piotr J. Wrobel, University of Toronto (Canada).

Thomas Chopard, ERC Lubartworld, CNRS, and Franciszek Zakrzewski, ERC Lubartworld, EHESS (France). “Surviving the Holocaust in Lubartów: Combining Micro-Historic and Quantitative Approaches”.

Agnieszka Wierzcholska, Freie University Berlin (Germany). “Jewish Agency in Survival and Relationships with the non-Jewish Local Population, the Case of Tarnów”.

Natalia Aleksiun, Touro College (USA). “Microhistory of Emotions: The Afterlife of War-Time Relationships in Lwów”.

Yechiel Weizman, Leibniz Inst for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow (Germany). “Clearing the Rubble: The Poles and the Jewish Traces in One Small Polish Town after the War”.


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