Migration and borders of Ukraine at war

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De Facto, Number 33, June 2022

coordinated by Antonin Durand, Thomas Chopard, Catherine GousseffClaire Zalc

The war in Ukraine triggered by the Russian aggression of 24 February 2022 and the massive arrival of refugees fleeing the conflict have profoundly affected our perception of the borders that cross Eastern Europe. Contested national borders, fantasies of Soviet borders, the return of a form of “iron curtain”, the emergence of new cross-border solidarities, the consideration of these different issues is necessary to understand the diversity of Ukrainian migration.

This new issue of De Facto aims to give this question its historical depth: Thomas Chopard places current migrations in the long history of Ukrainian migrations in the 20th century. Catherine Gousseff shows how the successive borders of Ukraine have followed or not the ethnic, linguistic and religious divisions of this complex space. Franciszek Zakrzewski and Tymek Skowroński highlight the role of migrant aid associations in Poland confronted with the dithering of the Polish state in the face of various migratory flows. The section “in maps” allows to visualize the distribution of the reception of Ukrainians as well as the places of transit. François Héran puts this distribution into perspective in terms of the “share” that each country can or should take in the reception.

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