Conférence 2023 de la SSHA

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Washington, 16-19 novembre 2023

SSHA annual conference: Pursuits of Wellbeing

Session 182 Social Mobilities

1. Mass Homeownership and the Boundaries of Russian Citizenship  Jeffrey Bilik, University of Michigan

2. Social Mobility through the Lens of Housing: Comparing and Explaining the Social Trajectories of Children of Migrants in the United States from the Censuses (1910-1950)  Gabrielle Escaich, ERC Lubartworld, Ecole Normale Supérieure, New York University

3. A Quest for Social and Economic Wellbeing: An Odyssey of Illegal Migrant  Rosy Hastir, assistant professor; Ajoy Batta, Professor; Sukanya Das, Assistant Professor

4. Immigration and Native Children’s Long-Term Outcomes • Yi-Ju Hung, University of Southern California

Session 155 Educational Institutions and Student Well-Being

1. From Hometown to American School: Understanding the Educational Trajectories of Different Generations of Children of Migrants from the Same Town (1900s-1970s)  Gabrielle Escaich, ERC Lubartworld, Ecole Normale Supérieure, New York University

2. Racialized Knowledge and Racial Triangulation: Two Cases of Asian-American Studies Programs  Hannah D’Apice, Stanford University

3. The Pupils and the Republic Well-Being, Emulation and Selection in the (Re) Construction of an Educational System  Jean Louis Fabiani, Central European University

4. Does an Open Classroom Climate Predict Student Social and Emotional Well-Being? Findings from the School Culture 360 2.0 Survey  CRYSTAL SPRING, Johns Hopkins University; Andrea Ochoa, Johns Hopkins University

5. Recasting Campus Histories: Archival Research, Digital History, and the Sense of Place  Jennifer Helgren, University of the Pacific